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“Our vision is to fill the gap in the North Cyprus hotel market, for visitors desiring experiential travel and dedicated time to focus on their health and wellness.”

Starting Price Point £32 Million - Subject to variables, options and investor requirements

Strategic partners have the options to acquire the whole project with options to:

  • Manage the development and operation of the hotel yourself or

  • Retain the ongoing services of the existing management team, who will use their local knowledge and         partners to make the project successful.


Whichever option you are looking for, the management team will get the Hotel & Resort Key Ready, working with you to achieve our agreed aims.

If you are looking for your own hotel as a first or part of an existing chain, North Cyprus and in particular the Secret Hills Health & Wellness Resort, could be the destination you have been looking for.  It is an undiscovered gem for so many investors, it is ideally positioned geographically in the blue Mediterranean Sea to give a long sunny season and options out of season.  Access is via Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus that come direct from Turkey or Larnaca airport in South Cyprus

North Cyprus offers a relaxed, safe and friendly environment for tourism.  The natural resources, historical and cultural features, mean that there is plenty to do and the favourable Mediterranean climate provides the perfect backdrop for visitors all year round.

Studies have revealed a lack of good quality non-gaming hotels in the Iskele region along the east coast of the island.  The naturally beautiful region boasts numerous safe sandy beaches, historical sites and facilities.  The company is developing a destination resort in the region that can meet this demand and fulfil ever increasing requirements for experiential holidays. 

For further information and to express your initial interest, please email or call.

In line with government development plans and current tourism trends, the company has also identified the opportunity for Health & Wellness Tourism that will dovetail with the sun, sea and leisure market, Therefore the resort will give considerable focus to specialist wellness and detox facilities in its tranquil environment.

The Resort has the potential to achieve high room rates periodically throughout the year and consistently strong occupancy rates throughout the year, with the aim of generating returns for investors.  It is proposed that the Resort will be managed by an experienced hotel operator to maximise profitability, who can develop strong relationships with tour operators and travel agents in the locality.

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