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NOTE:  This page is aimed at investors who are deemed ‘High Net Worth’ (HNW) as defined by Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) order 2001. If you are looking to invest minimum £1 Million, you are likely to be HNW. If you need further clarification of whether this applies to you, please click this link. 

“Our vision is to fill the gap in the North Cyprus hotel market, for visitors desiring experiential travel and dedicated time to focus on their health and wellness.”

If you have from £1 Million, then you can participate in our project to be the first internationally branded Health & Wellness Resort in North Cyprus!

North Cyprus is a region that we believe has great potential to expand in various touristic arenas, of particular interest is Wellness, Health and Detox, an area that can command great income and high occupancy rates.  With connections locally and internationally, Secret Hills Wellness Resort will be ideally positioned to take advantage of this gap in the market.  Ideal in terms of our strategic partners and its location.  

The site is owned on secure title land at the foot of the Kyrenium mountains in rolling countryside and just 3 km from sandy beaches.

The resort will be a centre for people who want a retreat for healing, fitness and relaxation but is also well positioned for beaches, historical sites, walking, water sports.  Best of all worlds!!

You can invest from £1 Million to £32 Million to complete the build of the resort.  If the latter is of interest then visit the JV Partner page.  Please call or email with your initial enquiry. 

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